July 19, 2024

THE GOLDEN CIRCLE…..The Golden Circle is more than a communications hierarchy. Its principles are deeply grounded in the tenets of human decision making. How the Golden Circle works maps perfectly with how our brain works. The Golden Circle can be used as a guide to vastly improve leadership, corporate culture, hiring, product development, sales and marketing. It explains loyalty and how to create enough momentum to turn an idea into a social movement.

There are very few leaders, products, or companies that create movements. Very few leaders that inspire loyalty, not just a single transaction. Very few leaders that motivate their followers and employees to stick with them through thick or thin.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it.”


Your why, how , and what must be in harmoney to build trust with your followers and customers, you need authenticity. What does that mean in practice? It means that your HOW (actions) and WHAT (results) have to be consistent with your WHY (beliefs). They all need to work together in harmony. People can detect inconsistencies, and when they do, you are perceived as inauthentic and you erode trust.

Understanding the big why you need to find out,. Why are some leaders more influential, inspiring and innovative than others? Why do some organizations command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike?

In order to create harmony between WHY, HOW, and WHAT, you need:

  • Clarity of WHY: You need to know your own WHY and be able to articulate that WHY in simple, clear terms. Why are in the business you are currently doing, you need to understand your business. WHY is your clear mission statement
  • Discipline of HOW: Once you know and crisply articulate the WHY, you need the discipline to act in ways that support your purpose. This is where HOW comes in. The HOWs are the values and principles that guide your actions and decisions on a day-to-day basis. They are the true differentiators of your product or service.
  • Consistency of WHAT: WHAT you do brings your WHY to life. A WHY is your core belief. HOWs are the actions and decisions you take to support the WHY. The WHAT is everything you produce. WHAT includes your products and services, but also your “marketing, PR, culture and whom you hire.”

It is critically important that WHAT you produce is consistent with WHY and HOW. The WHAT is the tangible proof that people see, and the WHAT needs to be reinforced over and over again to build trust.

To earn true employee and customer loyalty, you have to start with WHY. Most people start with WHAT because it’s the easiest thing to communicate. Then they may discuss the HOW, but rarely the WHY.

In order to inspire, invert the order. Start with WHY (purpose), then HOW (values and actions and differentiators), and then WHAT (products and results). To communicate authentically, you need to keep WHY, HOW, and WHAT in harmony. People only see the tangible evidence (WHAT), and if that is inconsistent with what you say your WHY is, you appear inauthentic.

Find your BIG WHY.. the Bigger the why easier the how…Mohammed Ali the great boxer said…The will should be stronger than the skill to be successful in life…Focus on the WHY…

‘”Along your why with the company vision. Don’t think micro, Think macro. Why you are doing, what you are doing is always an important factor to How its been done.”

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